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category for our thermal paper cutting machine

Author: | Date:2019-11-23 23:36:07 | Visits:
 category for our thermal paper cutting machinerecently many customer are confused by our thermal paper cutting machine we introduce our thermal paper cutting machine category in detail.totally, our thermal paper cutting machine just has two type, one is for the thermal paper rolls with plastic cores or paper cores.another type is coreless type thermal paper cutting machine. this type machine just 700mm width, but like what I introduced before, only change one part, this machine also can produce the cash register paper rolls with cores.the thermal paper cutting machine for rolls with cores has below ply but just 700mm width: ply but with standard 900mm width: ply but 1100mm width: ply but 1200mm width: ply but 1440mm width: ply but 500mm width for printed material: HJG500-17.two ply with 700mm width: HJG700-28.three ply with 500mm width:HJG500-39. two ply with 500mm width: HJG500-2hope my explanation can help my customer to more understand our thermal paper cutting machine.

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