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Thin Paper 15gsm Automatic Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

Author:RUIAN DRAGON MACHINERY FACTORY | Date:2020-12-10 14:00:16 | Visits:
 Automatic Paper Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine can be cut minimum 15gsm with 100 cuts per minute
the big problem we faced always is to cut the thin paper, the normal automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine can cut the minimum thin paper just 40gsm.if meet more thinner papers, the speed is big problem.
but this year, our engineer resolved this problem. we produce one new type automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine with model RS-1100K.this machine assemble DOUBLE UNWINDING ROLLS.
the basic specifications of this machine as below
machine width:1100mm
maximum unwinding diameter: 1200mm
maximum cutting speed: 150 cuts/min
maximum feeding speed: 150 m/min
the materail thickness range: 15-200gsm
be notice, the minimum thin paper which this automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine can be cut is 15 grams, and even this so thin paper, the speed can be cut 100 cuts per minute, it means we have been resolved the technology problem.
warmly welcome the buyers to contact me: or whatsapp: 008613967712353

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