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Author:RUIAN DRAGON MACHINERY FACTORY | Date:2017-02-23 11:04:21 | Visits:
MORE SAFETY FOR OUR BIG SLITTER REWINDER MACHINERY our slitter rewinder machine is the center rewinding type, then there are two rewinidng shafts on the front of the slitter rewinder machine. one rewinding shaft is on the upper side,another rewinding shaft is on the down side. if the rewinding diameter is big, like 1200mm, the upper rewinidng shaft will be high. after rewinded the rolls, when unload the upper rewinding shaft, before we normally unload it by truck, it is very trouble and not safety. now we improve it to unload it automatically. we adopt the chain driven and let the upper rewinding shaft to unload it automatically, not by hand or by truck. there is the video showing how to unload it, the below is the video for this function of our slitter rewinder machine secondly,in our old type slitter rewinder machine, the round cutter and disc is appeared on the air directly, not have any safety method. now we make one plastic cover to cover this cutter section, besides, if buyer required, we can assemble one sensor on this cover, if operator of the slitter rewinder machine touch this cover, the sensor will know it and the machine can be stop automatically. this can protect the operator.

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