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Careful regular maintenance of the thermal paper slitting machine machine

Author:RUIAN DRAGON MACHINERY FACTORY | Date:2019-05-27 11:04:36 | Visits:
Careful maintenance for regular running of the thermal paper slitting machine machine
the life of one thermal paper slitting machine depend on the careful maintenance for regular running.
this time we show some main points of careful regular maintenance
1 Add lubricating oil frequently to each oil cup, oil eyes and moving
surfaces, Non-functioning thermal paper slitting machine in dry friction.
2  Per shift spray right amount of lubricating oil to the gear train and
sprocket system, and makes it work even start running together.
3  Wipe the overspilt residual portion of the non-lubricated
4   Check whether the fastening parts are loose, and retighten them after
some time
5  Avoid contact the rubber roller with the thermal paper slitting machine oil
6  Wipe the steel roller and other parts often in case of rusting
7  Prevent electrical control parts shaking, pollution. Keep this parts
clean and dry.

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