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spare parts of thermal paper slitting machine

Author:RUIAN DRAGON MACHINERY FACTORY | Date:2019-04-28 10:35:05 | Visits:
along with the thermal paper slitting machine, normally we will send the buyer enough spare parts to guarantee that the buyer can be operate the machine at least three years.
the spare parts of the thermal paper slitting machine as below
Upper blade (105×70×1.2) 20 pcs
 Down blade  (90×65×10) 20 pcs
 Rewinding shaft  three pieces
 Plastic gear  one piece
 Transmission belt chain and triangle belt each piece
 Tool  one set
 Some electric parts that easy damaged
 Some pneumatic parts that easy damaged
the most important spare parts is the cutting blades, the blades has the upper blades and down blades. because this blades will be used everyday and easy damaged.
so along with the thermal paper slitting machine, we will send 20 pcs upper blades and 20pcs down blades.


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