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Full Automatic A4 Paper Roll Sheet Cutting Machine HQJ1100

 This Full Automatic A4 paper roll sheet cutting machine with model HQJ1100 is
 mainly used to produce A4 paper and A3 paper.

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 HQJ-1100 A4 model Full Automatic Paper Roll Sheet Cutting Machine


Suitable for
This machine suitable for a lot of paper, film, paper&film laminated etc best jumbo roll 
cutting machine. It is top quality cutting machine in china.
1.Main engine frequency adjust speed,PLC touch screen control system,auto counter quantity, 
auto fixed length, auto machine stop when had alarm , auto tension control etc function.
2.Feeding roll use auto loading system(150 cylinder), air shaft use 3 (76mm paper tube 
3.Machine rock use 10mm thick steel plate with groove steel structure. Bottom of cutting 
knife use heavy casting structure, Guide rollers using static balanced aluminum alloy guide 
4.Traction drive fixed position use servo motor system, traction driver roller use steel 
structure. Feeding traction way is through motor move the chain wheel to drag the rubber 
roller. The receiving platform is normal automatic finished materials table, control by 
5.Our Machine is best jumbo roll cross cutting machine, it have high precision. High speed 
and receiving sheet paper flat.
Main Technical Parameters
Model  HQJ-A4-1100
Max.Diameter of Unwinding  1400mm
Max. Cutting Width   1100mm
Cutting Length  20-400mm
Cutting Speed  10-200times per min
Cutting Precision  0.2mm
Total Power  9.5KW
Machine Size(LxWxH)  6000×2000×1450mm
Machine Configuration:
1 Unwinding Unit
1  Machinery rock use steel plate and casting steel structure.
2  Automatic magnetic tension control system 
3  Control way  through PLC tape control way(Panasonic Japan)
4  Tension control range  3-100KG
5  Tension magnetic use 10KG controller(1set, Huaguang, Zhejiang)
6  Unwinding shaft use air shaft type
7  Driver roller use aluminum roller, through static balanced aluminum alloy guide roller.
8  Base material position can be adjust.
9  Automatic loading equipment structure system
10  Unwinding use photocell control edge position control system(EPC) (WUXI)
2 Main Engine Unit
1 Machinery rock use 10  high quality steel plate structure.
2 Use 10mm casting steel support(Spec 40×80×1500mm)
   Traction Unit:
1  Structure type: driver roller drag passive pinch roller
2  Traction base use casting structure(1set)
3  Traction roller use rubble roller
4  Compression way control by cylinder
5  Driver roller use aluminum
6  Driver roller can be up and down adjust
7  Adjust way: manual adjust control by handle wheel
8   Motor use frequency adjust speed1.5kw    (1pcs Shanghai)
9   Frequency use V andT Shenzhen1.5kw       1pcs
10   Feeding use arm hholding material buffering mechanism.
11  Float roller up and down tension use pneumatic traction way
12   Float roller use aluminum
13  Whole feeding structure control by sense
2  Feeding Material Unit
1   Fixed length control by servo motor
2     3 kw Invt motor brand (1pcs)
3     Whole machine project control system use digital project system driving way,main 
motor drive the roller to fixed position
4      Drive by synchronous belt and synchronous wheel transmission mechanism.
5      Feeding roll use rubble roller structure(bottom roller use steel roller)
3  Cutting Unit:
1  Cutting way: bottom cutter fixed, Top cutter make cutting
2  Bottom cutter use heavy casting structure
3  Linear guide way (2pcs)
4    Oil box  (2pcs)
5  Lubricating oil can be recycled
6  Bottom&Top cutter use special import bar balance steel cutter
7  Cutter(1pcs Shanghai joint venture)
8  Operation way: adjust cutter position by manual
9  Main drive way: Main motor drive to match the eccentric wheel transmission linkage rod 
reciprocates cutter
10  Main motor use frequency adjust motor(1.5kw) (1pcs Shanghai brand)
11  Frequency use V andT brand (1.5kw 1pcs)
12  Drive use synchronous wheel drive structure
13  Eccentric wheel (2set)
14   Connecting rod (2pcs)
4  Slitting unit:
1  Slitting way: active bottom of knife ,drag the up of knife to slitting
2  use round knife structure(6set)
3  up of down roller use hollow steel roller(Spec:1pcs 50×1150m)
4  Up of round knife use Shanghai shenglong tool company(Spec:50×14.2×105mm)can freely 
5  bottom of knife use steel roller(Spec:1pcs 60×1150m)
6  bottom of round knife use shanghai shenglong tool company.(Spec:60×14.2×80mm)
stereotypes adjusting sleeve(customer need provide product Spec)
7  Slitting Precision:0.2mm
8  Driver way:use chain and feeding roller linkage.
9  Operation way:manual adjust knife position
10  Scrap material handling devices using the blower to blow.
3 Electrical control unit:( machine control by PLC project control system( PLC use 
Japan,touch screen use Taiwan)
1    The machine control system can be divided into computer control, tension control。
2    Computer control: including the main motor control, traction control, feed control, 
cutting control.
3   Tension control: rewinding tension, speed control of a wide range, regardless of low 
speed have good performance. And feeding a floating tension control.
4   With electronic meter count; machine alarm stop; automatic fixed length
5     Use delixi brand electric components and France Schneider switch
4 Concerned accessories:(buyer one own risk)
1    supply:3 phase 4 wire:voltage 380V / 50Hz
2   Air compressor:Max. 5.5kg/cm2×5m3/min

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